Funk that shot (or the unfair beating of a gamer).

Hi. I am a human being who enjoys playing a demo for a game called Modnation Racers on his PS3.
My brother has a friend over, and he's been wanting to play on the PS3 for a while now. I wouldn't let him, and his parents came. I decided (logically) that they would just get him and go, leaving me to play on the demo in peace. The fates decided it would be good if I was punished for being so logical.
I find out that he's staying longer, his parents being over just so mine have some other adults to chill with. I'm not fast enough, my brother punches me in the arm. I get mad. I start telling my grandpa (who happens to be close by) but he only tells me to be quiet and let the kids play. I make a fuss, and nobody is liking this, especially me, so I just peace it upstairs. Yay typing on a sideways itouch...


Sidenote: E3 tells us of the death of proper gaming again, eh?

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  1. Correction: The companys that were supossed to blow or minds failed to deliver but the underdog (nintendo) surpassed them all with the revolutionary device called the 3DS. The only good thing about sony's was nothing except little big planet 2 and microsoft gave away free xbox360 slims.