Thrown back in jail.

I've realized something. After having a jail-broken iPod touch for so long, I realized that it is way faster to just use the regular 'jailed' version of apple's amazing device. It really goes so much faster in every aspect! I'm fine with not having a wallpaper for my home-screen. I don't need multitasking, it's just a hassle. But Apple, what were you guys thinking not including battery percentage on iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G!?! That's just silly! Why wouldn't these devices be able to handle showing some numbers beside the battery icon? I just don't understand how you people decided this was a good thing to remove from the ios4 experience

P.S. I find it really intriguing how the new spell check is telling me ios4 is wrong. The suggestions are 'is', which in find weird, but I guess it might have something to do with the letter placement on the on-screen keyboard...


False Expectations

Last night, I had a bunch of dreams related to a bunch of things. One of the dreams was related to getting my newspapers delivered to me a few hours earlier than normal (so the night before...) and being able to go deliver right after breakfast. The dream was so boring and realistic, that I really thought my newspapers came last night in real life. I was disappointed slightly to find out it had only been a dream.


Funk that shot (or the unfair beating of a gamer).

Hi. I am a human being who enjoys playing a demo for a game called Modnation Racers on his PS3.
My brother has a friend over, and he's been wanting to play on the PS3 for a while now. I wouldn't let him, and his parents came. I decided (logically) that they would just get him and go, leaving me to play on the demo in peace. The fates decided it would be good if I was punished for being so logical.
I find out that he's staying longer, his parents being over just so mine have some other adults to chill with. I'm not fast enough, my brother punches me in the arm. I get mad. I start telling my grandpa (who happens to be close by) but he only tells me to be quiet and let the kids play. I make a fuss, and nobody is liking this, especially me, so I just peace it upstairs. Yay typing on a sideways itouch...


Sidenote: E3 tells us of the death of proper gaming again, eh?


A guy's use of a feminine hygenie product?

Shocking title? Well, here's the less shocking story to go with it:
Yesterday, after an athletic program of origins I shall not name, I arrived home after an hour and a half of doing nothing interesting with a friend. Don't jump to any conclusions about that though, because it only invloved being slow cooked inside a VW Jetta while his mom went to a grocery store to buy (you guessed it) groceries. Then we went to his house and ate Pizza sticks while watching mythbusters. How does this have anything to do with my incredibly interesting albiet grammatically incorrect title? Find out in the next paragraph or so.

Anyway, I got picked up by my dad, and ate the rest of my Pizza sticks in the car. We arrived home, and I got a text from my friend Mr. B telling me to go hang out with him and Ms. O (http://onionringsaroundtheworld.blogspot.com) for a while. I originally declined, but after being convinced by him that I didn't really have anything else to do on account of it being a weekend, I ate some food and biked over to a certain 4-way intersection that we'd designated as the meeting place. From there, we all biked to a certain well-known coffee shop. We then went to a close-by grocery store and got chips, magazines, and a bottle of Ice Tea. We then biked to a park, set down our bikes, and ran for the swings. Mr. B didn't get a swing, so he rode Ms. O's cruiser bike for a minute or so. Then I gave him my swing and rode the cruiser (cruisers are pretty cool). When I got back from the short ride to the park's baseball diamond, a bit of stuff happen. I ended up falling/getting slightly pushed onto the dirt under the swings (because the pebbles just magically seem to disappear from under swings... Hmmm) and hurting my elbow. I blew a small gasket and eventually noticed the blood. I wiped a bit of it off with some leaves while my friends threw the pebble filled Ice Tea bottle at each other. It wasn't really wiping the blood well, so I asked them if either of them had a band-aid or something similar. Ms. O gave me a "feminine hygenie product" (as polite conversation would have them called) and I put it to my bleeding elbow. It wasn't a very large wound, but the dried blood made the wound look scary (from my angle). I learned a lot about how "feminine hygenie products" work that day.

Anyway, that's most of the story. You can stop reading if you don't care about what happened next.

Here's what happened: we went to Mr. B's house and bounced on his trampoline after I recieved a proper band-aid to put on my elbow. Ms. O read her magazine while she recieved a lava lamp from Mr. B (who obviously no longer needed it). Eventually everyone went back home (otheb than Mr. B; who was already home) and I don't remember what else I did, but basically, feminine hygenie products can semi-useful for men too.


Today was a good day.

I agree with whoever once said the some days are really great, some are boring, and others you could do without. Haven't heard it before? Well, that might be cause I just wrote it off the top of my head. Not literally off the top of my head, but close enough to the brain to mean something.

Recipe for starting a great day
-Bed/Comfortable sleeping location
-Human Companionship
-Portable entertainment
-Duties to shirk

Directions (Sung to the tune of Tik Tok by Ke$ha):
1. Wake up in the morning (or whenever you normally do if you're a vampire).
2. Go to the bathroom and use the toilet (unless you don't have one).
3. Brush your teeth (with toothpaste; not a bottle of jack).
4. Rinse your mouth with water (but a bottle of jack would do well here).
5. Go back to bed (after finding your portable entertainment [example: DS, PSP, a book, etc.]).
6. Shirk the aforementioned duties with your portable entertainment.
7. Ignore human companionship whilst enjoying your lovely heap of warmth.
8. Sprinkle lightly between 2 hours of the day.
9. Go back to your regular routine (after getting dressed).

It would seem obvious that everything in the previous list was followed by me to the letter. Ignoring the bottle of jack and using plain-old tap water however, I did do most of it. I played my DS (DSi to be exact). I ignored my brother while he hovered (again, not literally) over me as I played my DS. Also, when I felt that I had shirked enough responsibility for the day, I went downstairs to walk the dog, but found out I didn't have to! Can anyone spell relief in the sky in large letters made of pink and red balloons!?!

Later in the day, I started reading a book (the Reckoning), and went to a park with water and a beach and crabs (hmmmmm), and finished the book in about 6 hours (?). At the beach/park/crab-infested-area, I ate chicken, salad, and potatoes. The potatoes were delicious, being sure to eat the entire tin-foil cooked half I received, and I enjoyed being out in the sun after so much winter.
If you were to ask me to sum up this day, I would tell you (in large letters for emphasis):


Got a dog

My family adopted a mix breed dog yesterday. He is named Charlie. The full story is that my mom was volunteering at the local SPCA and since dogs are family animals and need attention and walks, the volunteers have to take the dogs home every night to keep them happy. My mom brought Charlie home Friday night. Everyone in my family fell in love with him, so we adopted him. He's got a very calm personality, he loves to chase the tennis ball, and he reminds of something close to a havanese dog.
I'll be enjoying our newest family member's company very much.


Explosive finish

Hey. Guess what. Reading.

Yeah. That's what I'm talking about.
Go read. It'll solve a lot of problems you may be facing (e.g, boredom, rejection, anger, etc).
Actually, it won't help with anything major, like a psychiatrist could, but you'd still get somewhere!


Anyway, the point is, certain types of books are very interesting, and spelling mistakes are often hard to find... (but I still notice them for some reason every now and then...) And yet the editor should still do a better job for certain books.

Grim out.